Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
Dr. Pluschke und Staatsrat Dr. Bösinger © BWVI

Hamburg joins 'organic city' network

Synergy effects to boost organic farming in Hamburg - Economic Authority stresses importance of ecological products

Hamburg joined the German network of ‘organic cities’ Thursday (December 1) after Dr. Rolf Bösinger, State Councillor at the Authority for Economics, Traffic and Innovation, and Dr. Peter Pluschke, spokesman for the ‘organic cities’ network, signed the agreement, the Economic Authority announced. The agreement, which had been approved by the senate a few weeks ago, aims to officially boost regional organic farming as well as healthy nutrition, sustainability and good use of resources. “Hamburg will benefit from the synergy effects of nationwide networking, contribute its skills and strengthen local ecological farming at the same time.”

Improved requirements for use of ecological products

Hamburg’s membership brings the number of cities in the network to ten. Ecological farming in Hamburg is likely to see more regional distribution paths emerge and boost enterprise pools. The network also aims to improve conditions for ecological products in school catering, public facilities and the public administration. The city is also supporting collaboration among economic players in production and communal catering.

Boosting biodiversity and climate protection in the region

The Economic Authority noted: “Ecological products have not only increasing commercial importance, but also a social and ecological component. Ecological farming makes a valuable contribution to sustainable management: soils are used and managed with care, the wastewater is less polluted, biodiversity is boosted and climate protection is taken into account.”

Since 2010, cities in the network have been co-operating to promote ecological farming and products. The focus is on exchanging experiences, conducting joint projects, obtaining funding, hosting public events to give their objectives greater politicial clout.

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