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Hamburg gets standard coffee cup to go deposit system

Kerstan presents Recup as partner for standard coffee to go system

Hamburg has chosen Recup to provide standard coffee mugs for enjoyment on the road after the city issued a tender for concepts outlining a standard deposit and return system in February. Recup is to receive an initial grant from the Environmental Authority. The company’s robust, recyclable plastic cup has a service life of more than 500 rinses, can be borrowed for a deposit of EUR 1 and returned to any participating café. Recup already operates the deposit system in several cities.

Standard deposit system to fight mounds of paper cups

In 2016, the Environmental Authority introduced a reusable cup in the canteen. Meanwhile, various authorities and companies have followed with their own cups. In late 2017, Hamburg’s Ministry of the Environment and Energy launched the so-called Kehr.Wieder campaign to tackle the rising mounds of paper cups. People are encouraged to bring their own cups in return for a discount of EUR 0.10 to 30 cents on coffee. Around 250 cafés, bakeries and bistros have joined the alliance.

Jens Kerstan, Senator for the Environment, explained: “The new deposit system is a decisive contribution to further reducing the number of disposable cups. I hope that many coffee shop chains, bakeries and shops will join the Recup system.” Roman Witt is a project manager at el rojito which already runs a deposit system with several Hamburg cafés. Witt has been with Recup in Hamburg from the start and noted: “We have been waiting a long time for a standard system for Hamburg. It goes without saying that we’ll join in and bring our partners on board.”

Depost of EUR 1 and price advantage

The principle is simple: coffee drinkers buy their coffee to-go in a reusable cup, pay a deposit of EUR 1 and get a better price over disposable cups. Empty cups can be returned to Recup partners throughout Germany. The cups are cleaned on site and then reused directly. The Recup app is available for download and shows the shortest route to the next Recup partner. Coffee providers pay Recup EUR 1 per day/location as a fee and receive their cups in return for a deposit of EUR 1.

Recyclable plastic cups “Made in Germany”

Founded in 2016, the Munich-based start-up has established it’s deposit system in eleven German cities. It operates the system in cafés across 30 cities with around 850 providers. Hamburg is now the third major German city to take part after Munich and Berlin. Around 250,000 cups are presently in circulation. The recyclable plastic cups are produced in Germany and are available in two sizes (0.3l and 0.4l). A special edition is available for Hamburg.

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