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Hamburg to Expand its Underground Rail Network

Hamburg continues to grow and expands its infrastructure, with the new underground line (U5) to be built and U4 to be extended to Horner Geest

Hamburg has the best conditions for an above-average economic development, with its population growing accordingly. To cope with the traffic of the future, the metro network will be further expanded. The Hamburg Senate thus decided on Tuesday, 29 September, to ask for parliamentary approval of the planned extension of the metro network.

72 Million Euro for the Further Planning

The Hamburg Senate intends to provide 72 million euro Germany’s federal regionalisation funds for the financing of the next planning steps. The preliminary design, design and approval planning for the extension of the U4 to Kleiner Grasbrook and Horner Geest are calculated each at 15 million euro. The plans for the first phase of the new U5 from Bramfeld to City Nord will cost 40 million euro. For the feasibility study of the U5 section from City North through downtown to Siemersplatz 2 million euro have been estimated.

Frank Horch, Hamburg Minister of the Economy, Transport and Innovation: “In view of Hamburg’s Olympic bid, we would like to accelerate all planning and take the next steps. The actual expansion of all track sections we will gradually implement with the participation of the Hamburg citizens.”

The Planning Status

Hamburger Hochbahn AG (HHA) presented the current state of planning. In the case of successful Olympic bid, U4 will be extended from the Elbe bridges further to the south to ensure a high-quality link to the Olympic Village and the Olympic sports venues. The completion of the extension to Kleiner Grasbrook has been scheduled to take place until after the Olympics. 2019 will mark the start of the U4 extension to Horner Geest and the construction of the two new stops “Stoltestraße” and “Dannerstraße”.

New U5 line from Bramfeld to City Nord

As a first phase for the new line U5, the track from Bramfeld to City Nord via Steilshoop will be built. The respective feasibility study is expected to be completed in November. The new link would provide 40.000 inhabitants of the neighbourhoods with direct access to a high-speed railway for the first time. With the plan approval procedure ito begin in 2018, construction of the new U5 line is planned for 2021.

Feasibility Study to Follow in 2016

The launch of the feasibility studies for the U5 section from the City North to Siemersplatz via the city centre twill start early next year, with investigations to close by mid-2017. In 2016, also the feasibility studies for the other sections will also beginn and the decision taken on the U- and S-Bahn variants for Osdorfer Bron

New U1 Station

14.1 million euro will be invested into a new underground station on the U1 line between Farmsen and Berne. The participation of citizens has already begun in this project.

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The Dates

Start of construction:
U1 station Oldenfelde U1: 2018
U4 extension to Kleiner Grasbrook: 2019
(in case of successful Olympic bid)
U4 extension to Horner Geest: 2019
U5 link Bramfeld/ Steilshoop: 2021

Start of operations:
Haltestelle Oldenfelde an der U1: 2019
U4 extension to Kleiner Grasbrook: 2024
U4 extension to Horner Geest: 2024/2025
U5 link Bramfeld/ Steilshoop: 2026/2027
The dates mentioned above are subject to optimal planning, approval and construction processes. They are also dependent on the extent to which planning capabilities for the Olympics are required.

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