Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
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Hamburg Energy Days: clever windows and warm wallpapers

Fair presents race proven heating systems, turbo drying exteriors, tiny cogeneration systems. Visitors can test electric cars and bikes

Over 300 companies will be presenting their latest energy-saving products and services at the 3rd Hamburg Energy Days from February 5-6, 2016 in the Congress Center Hamburg. Visitors to the fair can get information about heating, insulation, light and ventilation as well as energy supply and storage. Topics such as electric mobility, financing and funding new buildings or renovations are also highlighted.


Several products will be presented to larger audiences at the building fair for the first time. They include more economical, oil-fired condensing boilers in which manufacturers use carbon, a material that has to withstand the toughest conditions elsewhere as well. This temperature and acid-resistant, special graphite is used by manufacturers as a heat exchanger to improve efficiency, as carbon is extremely thermally conductive.

Builders and apartment owners are shown, for instance, how to have a tailor-made solar power plant and storage system installed without having to make any investment themselves. The focus is also on innovative windows which producers are advertising with invisible locking systems, fully integrated ventilation systems and energy self-sufficient shading. Energy-saving, facade renovation procedures and various heating systems will also be presented.

Visitors can test electric cars and bikes

Test drives in the plug-in hybrid BMW i8, which is being promoted as the first sports car with the consumption and emission values of a small vehicle, will also be possible.

Visitors can also test electric cars and bikes by other manufacturers on a 1,400 square metre electric mobility course and find out about charging stations and concepts for using the vehicles, for instance how to supply an electric vehicle with electricity from a personal photovoltaic facility on the roof. New funding programs are available and will be presented at the fair by the Chamber of Crafts and the Chamber of Commerce as part of the procurement initiative “Hamburg macht E-Mobil (Hamburg goes electrically mobile).

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