Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
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Hamburg Utilities Players Visit Denmark

Delegation travels to Copenhagen to gather information on new concepts

Jens Kerstan, Hamburg Minister for Environment and Energy, will be travelling to Copenhagen this Monday to gather first-hand information on modern heat supply. Kerstan will be accompanied by a high-ranking delegation of representatives from Hamburg’s utilities companies and experts from administration and academia.

Technical Matters and Energy Policy

In Hamburg, some important decisions on the development of energy supply are pending, particularly in regard to ​​district heating. In co-operation with the German Embassy and the Danish partners, the Hamburg Ministry for Environment and Energy thus drew up a three-day programme for the trade mission to Copenhagen. Participants will thus be fully informed on both technical issues and energy policiees.

Learning from Innovative Approaches

“For a long time, Denmark has been using district heating, with many home connected to to grid. Denmark also boasts a very high share of renewable energies in district heating”, says Jens Kerstan. “In Copenhagen, we can see that – even in the north – solar heat can be a reliable and economical source of energy in conjunction with seasonal storage. We will be shown various innovative approaches, and see if and what Hamburg can learn from them.”

Co-Operation Options to be Explored

Also of interest to Hamburg are operating and investment models used by Denmark to push ahead the energy transition in heat supply. To benefit from Denmark’s experience, to discuss the co-operations options with Copenhagen, to gain insight at close and to thus prepare a solid knowledge base for the trip’s participants in regard to the forthcoming energy policy decisions are thus key objectives of the trip starting on 7 September 2015.

source and further details:
Hamburg Ministry for Environment and Energy

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