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Green technology sector growing in Hamburg

Chamber of Commerce Hamburg publishes new analysis. Firms expect rising overall turnover

A vast majority or 73 per cent of firms in the green tech sector is optimistic about the future and expects growth in employment by 2020, a survey, released on Thursday (August 11) by the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg, has found. Commenting on the results, Prof. Hans-Jörg Schmidt-Trenz, CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, said: “The firms say there is room for improvement, for instance, through more support from politics. Some 325 companies in energy supply, energy efficiency, sustainable construction and transport as well as waste and water management were interviewed for the survey conducted in September and October 2015. The findings were published in June in an analysis called Grüne Technologien made in Hamburg: Wachstumsmotor für eine nachhaltige Stadt.

Market volume increases to EUR 740 billion

The Umwelttechnologie-Atlas by the Federal Ministry for the Environment from 2014 puts the market volume of the green tech sector at approx. EUR 344 billion and is expected to rise to EUR 740 billion by 2025. The sector is predicted to grow by 6 per cent annually. And the prospects are good in Hamburg as well. The interviewees expressed optimism about both the number of employees and the overall turnover. Some 73 per cent expect growth in employee numbers by 2020 and 25 per cent of companies expect overall turnover of over EUR 10 million respectively.

Prerequisites for steady economic development

The sector has witnessed strong growth in Hamburg in recent years. Since 2012, the number of firms, products, procedures and services to protect the environment and limit the consumption of resources has grown 20 per cent to 2,500. At the same time, the number of employees has grown 60 per cent to 53,000 presently.

Schmidt-Trenz noted: “Hamburg counts among Europe’s most sustainable cities – in both ecological and economical terms. Since 2011, the metropolis has been praised as the “capital of the environment”. Environment-friendly technologies generate added value and are a prerequisite for long-term, stable economic developments.

Convincing proximity to customers and infrastructure

The volume of demand, support from politics and the availability of skilled employees are the most important framework conditions for firms in Hamburg. However, there is room for improvement especially in political framework conditions: 46 per cent of those interviewed expressed some dissatisfaction or dissatisfaction with them. Only 34 per cent said the conditions were satisfactory.

Over 60 per cent of interviewees were satisfied or very satisfied with proximity to customers. And at least 47 per cent expressed satisfaction with traffic infrastructure. Most interviewees said good contacts prevailed to universities, colleges, research institutes, clusters, associations, networks and collaborations, and the volume of demand and means of financing as well as the supply of office and commercial spaces were rated good. Some 33 per cent said the availability of skilled workers was satisfactory.

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Ergebnisse aus dem Analysepapier der Handelskammer Hamburg
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