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Umweltinitiative GreenKayak ist ab sofort auch in Hamburg aktiv © GreenKajak

GreenKayak launches new season, opens three more locations

Paddle for free in Hamburg and collect plastic waste simultaneously

GreenKayak, a Danish NGO that aims to reduce the amount of waste in rivers and lakes, opened three new locations in Hamburg to coincide with the start of its latest season on Monday (April 27, 2019). From May 10, 2019 two-person boats can be borrowed free of charge from points along the Alster, Bergedorf an der Bille and Ochsenwerder an der Dove-Elbe to free Hamburg’s waters of plastic waste and backed by the Ministry for the Environment and Energy initially for three years.

Around 11,000 kg of waste already collected

Nearly 7 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the sea every year partly due to rivers such as the Elbe. GreenKayak has set itself the goal of freeing waters of all kinds of plastic waste. After each tour, the catch is weighed and registered. So far nearly 11,000 kgs have been collected since 2017. Kayaks can be hired online from six points in Hamburg. The Stadtreinigung, backed by the Ministry of the Environment and Energy, is setting up additional bins to dispose of the waste.

Environmental commitment in Hamburg

The Fleetenkieker association on the Kaemmererufer is also organizing boat trips on the Alster and the canals to remove waste from the water. In January, the Clean Up Your Alster initiative launched to collect waste tossed on the banks and using stand up paddle boards in parts. The campaign begins officially on May 7, 2019 on the Alsterwiese Schanenwik.

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