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German Renewables Award 2015 Granted

The Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster presented the German Renewables Award 2015 in four categories

“World politician are currently discussing in Paris at the UN Climate Change Conference COP 21 the future of our world’s climate in order to leave future generations a livable planet. We are proud to grant the German Renewables Awards 2015 to creative and dedicated minds in the renewable energy sector that contribute to improving the climate here in Hamburg”, said Frank Horch, Hamburg Minister of Economy. Transport, and Innovation, and partron of the German Renewables Award 2015. Four the fourth time, the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster granted the German Renewables Award for innovations and pioneering achievements in wind energy on 3 December 2015. Prior to the prize-giving gala, an independent jury had selected four winners from 43 submissions and nominations in the categories “Product Innovation of the Year”, “Project of the Year”, “Student Thesis of the Year, Wind Energy” and “Lifetime Achievement, Wind Energy”.

Development of Renewable Energy Sources Act

The award in the category “lifetime achievement” has been awarded to the former Ministerial Counsellor Dr Wolfhart Dürrschmidt. Holding a PhD degree in physics, he was one of the experts in the German parliament’s Enquete Commission “Preventive Measures to protect the Earth’s Atmosphere” from 1988 – 1990. His assignment within the study group included the provision of scientific knowledge on the issues of climate and energy. The final report was the basis for Germany’s subsequent energy policy.

Dr Dürrschmidt joined the BMU in 1991. His expertise has helped amend the Electricity Feed-in Law twice, anchor the concept of granting priority to renewable energy to the German federal building code and develop the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG). He built up the BMU Division on ‘General and Fundamental Aspects of Renewable Energies’ whose head he is to this day. Worthy of special attention are the practical experience reports he supervised related to the EEG and which served as the foundation for the amendments to the EEG.

Industrially Applicable PEM system

The PEM electrolysis system Silyzer made Siemens AG a winner of the German Renewables Award 2015 in the category “Product Innovation of the Year”. With the help of electrolysis, excess renewable electricity can be converted into hydrogen, which can be saved if required. Hydrogen is valuable and versatile for the industry and and used the mobility sector in conjunction with the fuel cell for later reconversion. The electrolyzer consists of at least one cell stack with 1.25 MW. However, it can be combined to form a modular electrolysis composite of 20 MW and more. With an operating time of more than 80,000 hours, Silyzer is one of the first industrially useful PEM systems.

Intelligent Control Technology

The importance of intelligent storage in the local energy supply is stressed by the “Smart Region Pellworm”, this year’s winner in the category “Project of the Year”. Over decades, Hansewerk AG and the Schleswig-Holstein Netz GmbH installed on the North Sea island a supply system, which is characterised by a high use of renewable energies. Each year, the production of renewable energies roughly triples the island’s energy consumption. The island’s grid also boasts several innovative storage systems and intelligent control systems. The 37 km² large island is linked to the mainland by two submarine cables.

First Use in Texas

To manufacture high towers for low wind plants, Florian Roscheck, a graduate of FH Flensburg, designed a robot for new welding techniques. Named winner in the category “student work of the year”, Roschek developed a prototype for spiral welding processes for the US-based Keystone Tower Systems. It allows to manufacture wind turbine towers made of steel plates right on site. In 2015, a first tower was erected in Texas / USA using Roschek’s invention. The German Renewables Award for best “student work of the year” is endowed with 5,000 euro.
In 2016, the German Renewables Award will be granted at the international industry trade fair Wind Energy Hamburg.

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About the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster

Everywhere in the Hamburg Metro Region, entrepreneurs, scientists, and politicians are working in making renewable energies a success. In order to strengthen the co-operation of the sector and to promote its assets. the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster was founded. The cluster brings together the wide-ranging expertise of the companies, research institutes and institutions. It also creates platforms of dialogue among stakeholders and promotes co-operations with other industries, for example in logistics. This year, the cluster is celebrating its fifth anniversary. Since its launch, it had been joined by almost 200 members.

According to a Prognos study on behalf of the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster (EEHH), the sector today employs 25,000 staff, with companies operating in the Hamburg metro region expecting a 40 per cent increase of personnel in 2015.

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