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GALAB Laboratories Is Hamburg's 1000th Partner of the Environment

Hamburg companies increasingly pursue a rigorous environmental protection policy. GALAB Laboratories from Bergedorf is Hamburg's 1000th environmental partner

A Hamburg’s Environmental Economics Summit 2015 held 30 June 2015 in the Hamburg Chamber of Skilled Trades, GALAB Laboratories was offered the opportunity to present its best practice in eco-friendliness and joined Hamburg’s ECO-Partnership programme as 1000th partner. Based in Bergedorf, GALAB is an independent service laboratory for external quality control. Its specialists analyse and evaluate food, food packaging, sanitary products, industrial products, biopharmaceutical products or even the environment for substances or contaminants.

City and Companies Join Forces

The Hamburg ECO-Partnership, a joint venture between local government and the commercial
sector, encourages companies to go beyond statutory requirements to take additional eco-friendly
measures. Serving as a platform for information and networking, the partnership also
offers free on-site consultations for Hamburg-based firms, supporting clients in implementing
projects in the fields of environmental management and climate protection.

Attractive Quality Seal

“Hamburg’s Environmental Partnership Quality Seal has become an attractive label for the companies. The growing number of participating companies shows that environmental protection is compatible with economic activity and even encourages the competitiveness of enterprises. For our city, their commitment is a blessing. The more companies are actively supporting this alliance, the faster and the more successful we will be able to implement the energy transition from fossil to renewable here in Hamburg”, states Jens Kerstan, Hamburg Minister of the Environment and Energy.

Sharing the Same Vision

Josef Katzer, President of the Hamburg Chamber of Crafts, explains: “Best-Practices such as Examples such as the ice storage concept of Hamburg’s 1000 Eco-Partners make Hamburg’s Eco-Partnership programme so unique, with partners from all sectors of economy working hand in hand for the same vision and goal.”

With a capacity of 1,000,000 litres of water, the ice storage unit at GALAB Laboratories is one of Europe’s largest in commercial operation. It reduces the thermal energy demand of the building by 59 per cent compared to conventional heating and air conditioning techniques. In winter, energy is withdrawn from water with a heat pump used for air conditioning the laboratory and the ice storage unit slowly freezes over. In summer, the laboratory air of the building is cooled with the stored cold through pipes in the floor and the ice storage unit is slowly defrosting.

Hamburg’s ECO-Partnership is supported by the Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Crafts, the industry association, the business association harbor and the Ministry of Urban Development and Environment.

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