Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
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Firms in Hamburg combining ecology with commerce

Chamber of Commerce Hamburg hosts environmental summit

The Chamber of Commerce hosted the environmental summit Friday (June 29, 2017), with 150 participants to discuss corporate, environmental protection and view models of environmental protection in the region. A growing number of firms have made voluntary commitments to environmental protection since 2003. Over 1,000 members of the environmental partnership formed between the senate and commerce, and represented by the Chamber of Commerce, have saved over 300,000 tons of CO2 and cut their costs by around EUR 51 million. “Environmental protection starts with low pollutant transport and alternative energies and goes hand with the greening of rooftops and refurbishing machines and buildings or developing entirely new technologies,” said Kai Elmendorf, Vice President of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. “Custom-made solutions are available for every firm.”

Over 300 firms in Hamburg have already attended the ecological programme on how to introduce environment management systems and 80 other companies have joined a so-called environmental club. ‘These companies are sending clear signals for corporate, environmental protection. They have realized that ecology and commerce are not opposites,” said Elmendorf. Environmental protection has a long tradition in Germany and Hamburg has set many good examples of corporate environmental protection and climate protection.

Environmental partnership to be continued

The Chamber of Commerce’s energy guides have helped members identify ways of saving energy and resources and to introduce appropriate measures. Since 2009, the guides have held over 1,300 advice sessions. The chamber has also offered the energy scouts programme for apprentices since 2016. The apprentices learn the basics of energy-saving conduct in a company. Plans are currently being drafted to continue the environmental partnership for five years from 2018.

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