Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
Pro. Werner Beba und Staatssekretär Rainer Baake © HAW

Federal Ministry of Economics putting EUR 41 million towards NEW 4.0

HanseWerk to build 15 power-to-heat plants and platform for excess energy

A decision by the Federal Ministry of Economics granting EUR 41 million in funds to the North German Energy Transition project 4.0 was presented Tuesday (December 6) in Berlin. Rainer Baake, State Secretary, Federal Ministry of the Environment, handed over the confirmation to Prof Dr. Werner Beba, Head of CC4E at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. The project involves the states of Schleswig-Holstein und Hamburg and around 60 partners in commerce, industry and research. The aim is to supply the region fully and safely with affordable, regenerated energy by 2035. The HanseWerk group is contributing special power-to-heat plants and a digital platform to make better use of excess energy to the NEW 4.0 project.

Digital market for environment-friendly electricity

Matthias Boxberger, CEO of HanseWerk AG, said: “We wish to push ahead with energy transition in northern Germany and set up a predictable, forward-looking energy system and bring together Schleswig-Holstein, as an exporter of energy, and Hamburg as a large consumer. Our cross-border presence and experience managing electricity, gas, water and heat networks means the HanseWerk group and its subsidiaries are very well suited to such projects.“

Over the next four years, HanseWerk Natura and Schleswig-Holstein Netz will pursue two large energy solutions. Schleswig-Holstein Netz AG has developed a digital platform allowing more local consumption of environment-friendly energy. This platform will provide information about electricity generation and excess capacities. Then companies can be more flexible and use environment-friendly energy. Boxberger added: “We are trying out a new kind of platform to integrate all the components e.g. players, transport, distribution and storage in electricity consumption and to link them up and match them intelligently with each other.

Environment-friendly heat

HanseWerk Natur will equip around 15 cogeneration units with power-to-heat plants to generate heat from excess wind and solar energy. Jan Gratenau, Head of NEW 4.0 at HanseWerk AG, said: “We will make environment-friendly heat from environment-friendly electricity. The planned 15 plants have around 6.5 MW, about 4 MW power-to-heat of thermal capacity and 1 MW battery capacity will be installed in the plants as well.”

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