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Eighth "European Competition for Social Innovation" to present EUR 150, 000 in prize-money

The European Commission has launched the eighth European Competition for Social Innovation across all EU member states and with Horizon 2020 Associated Countries. Ideas for new products, services, processes and sustainable business models can be submitted under the theme of “Reimagine Fashion” in a bid to reduce the overall ecological footprint.

Fashion industry produces 195 million tons of CO2

Every year, EU citizens buy an average of 12 kilogrammes of clothing the production of which releases 195 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. Around 46 billion cubic metres of water are consumed in the manufacturing process. More than 30 per cent of clothes in Europeans’ wardrobes have not been worn for at least a year and over half of the garments are not recycled. They eventually end up in household waste and incinerators or landfills.

EUR 50,000 each for three winning ideas

Social innovators, students, designers, entrepreneurs, designers and creative people are invited to enter the competition before the deadline of March 4, 2020. A jury will select three winning ideas which will be awarded EUR 50,000 each in November. The contest is open to entrants across the EU and in countries linked to Horizon 2020

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How big is your carbon footprint?

Every person leaves their own carbon footprint based on their consumption, nutrition and lifestyle. But just how big is it? The Hamburg Online CO2 Calculator examines personal CO2 profiles and calculates the amount of CO2 emitted based on the size of an apartment, type of heating, car or bus usage, diet and consumption habits.

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