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Environmental capitals at UN Climate Change summit in Paris

Joint call for climate change agreement. Hamburg's Environmental Jens Kerstan at conference. Climate plan for Hamburg to be presented shortly

Jens Kerstan, Hamburg Minister for Environment and Energy, is travelling to Paris for the UN Climate Change summit. He will stress in his speech that: “Climate protection can only work when every country, every region and city takes its own responsibility seriously,” adding, “I hope that international climate protection makes key progress here in Paris.” The effects of climate change can only be limited, if binding agreements are reached. Cities are on the one hand, the biggest originators of climate change, but they are hit the most by the adverse effects. Thus, climate protection is an urgent issue for cities. Environmental capitals are appealing vigorously to heads of governments.”

Hamburg’s climate plan to be presented shortly

The UN summit offers representatives of the Hanseatic city an opportunity to meet mayors of other cities to exchange ideas and gain new inspiration for Hamburg. Kerstan said: “We were able to see exciting examples of climate-friendly heating during a recent delegation trip to Copenhagen. Hamburg’s senate has decided to considerably boost its climate-protection efforts. We will soon present a climate plan for Hamburg.”

Environmental or green capitals

In 2011, Hamburg succeeded Stockholm (2010) as the second, green European capital. Later, the cities of Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain 2012), Nantes (2013) and Copenhagen (2014) held the title. At present, the British city of Bristol holds the title and will be succeeded by the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana in 2016. The German city of Essen managed to secure the honor of “European Green Capital 2017”. It will be followed by Genoa in 2018, Geneva in 2019 and Malmo in 2020.

Sources and further information:
State Ministry for the Environment and Energy

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