Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.

Energy Week at HAW Hamburg

From 17 to 21 November, latest developments in energy storage, mobility, smart grids, photovoltaics, and wind energy will be presented in all aspects

The transition towards a sustainable energy supply is the challenge of the 21st century for politics, business, and science. The Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg) confronts the challenge by hosting once again an “Energy Week”. From 17 to 21 November, latest developments energy storage, future mobility, smart grid, photovoltaic, and wind energy will be in lectures and discussed with experts.

Kick-Off with Film Clips

Today, Monday, 17 November, the theme week will start with the question: “Global Climate Change – Is There Still a Chance for a Global Energy Revolution?”. For the official opening, the producer and filmmaker Jörg Altekruse will exclusively premiere his impressions of climate change selected film clips.

Kruse has been travelling the world and working on two international film productions on climate change and innovative energy solutions for more than two years. Altekruse will be discussing his impressions at a pale with representatives from politics and business and the evening’s host, Prof. Dr. Werner Beba, head of the Competence Center for Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency (CC4E) at the HAW Hamburg.

Mobility Concepts Of The Future

On Tuesday, 18 November, the speakers will deal with the topic “Innovative energy storage”, ranging from concrete cores as thermal memory to ice storage boxes. This theme day will be held in co-operation with the Industry Association of German Engineers (VDI). Wednesday, 19 November, will focus on “Future Mobility as Part of the Energy Transition – Chance and Perspectives”. At the third theme day, the role of biofuels, natural gas, and hydrogen in mobility will be discussed.

Challenges of the wind energy industry

On Thursday, 20 Novembe, photovoltaics and smart grids will dominate the programme, with performance management, self-consumption solutions for solar power plants as well as the intelligent network management high on the agenda. Friday, 21 November, is dedicated to the 4th Hamburg wind expert forum with experts discussing the challenges facing the wind power industry onshore and offshore.

The theme week at HAW Hamburg is open to the general public, with Hamburg universities, businesses and government administrative, especially in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency particularly welcomed.
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Further details and programme:

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