Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
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Energie-Bo startup offers simple power-switch service

The new Hamburg-based company aims to offer an all-round energy service

Structuring the energy sector in a way that is easier, fairer, cheaper and more sustainable for the end-user – that’s the aim of Energie-Bo with its Wechsel-Bo service. The first product of this Hamburg-based start-up is to offer an independent service for electricity and gas to remind users annually of the opportunity to switch and to exclude frivolous providers. A shop for low-energy products, along with a portal comparing electrical appliances, which incorporates energy consumption over the next 10 years, has also been developed by the new Hamburg-based company.

Transparency and sustainability

“We aim to offer an entire ecosystem around energy consumer behaviour and are relying here on sustainability in particular,” Energie-Bo founders Alexander Gebauer and Stefan Malcherek say. They hit on the idea in 2016 on the basis of their experience as business consultants in the energy sector. “Wechsel-Bo (Switch Bo) shows the user the best rates, while remaining transparent and neutral. In the end the cheapest provider is actually at the top with the total savings explained in detail,” the founders say, contrasting this with competitors. Frivolous providers are excluded right from the outset with the aid of consumer protection legislation.

Social engagement

The startup’s stated aim is to structure an energy switch in an easy and readily approachable way. When customers download their electricity bill they receive the relevant offers. Energie-Bo also aims to make end-consumers aware of sustainability and to incentivize them to switch to renewables. For this the startup also offers a portal for comparing electrical appliances, as well as a shop for energy-efficient products. Social engagement also plays a role for the company, which is located in Hamburg’s HafenCity. At each switch, the customers can decide whether to make a donation to either Projekt Kinderlachen e.V. or rather to Aktion Primaklima e.V.

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