Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.

Denmark at WindEnergy Hamburg with 100 exhibitors

Denmark’s wind industry has strong presence ath the global lead fair Hamburg. Biggest national pavilion.

Among 1,000 exhibitors from all parts of the world, which will present the covering entire chain both onshore and offshore from 23-26 September 2014 on the new Hamburg fair grounds, one-tenth will come from neighbouring Denmark. Featuring 70 out of the 100 Danish exhibitors, Denmark’s national pavilion will be the fair’s biggest. Danish exhibitors include Dong Energy; Vestas, the leading wind turbine manufacturer; and the Danish Wind Export Association (DWEA), a partner of WindEnergy Hamburg.

Exhibitors from 30 countries

In total, there will be more than 15 national pavilions. Apart from Denmark, these national pavilions will present European markets from the Netherlands to Turkey. From players outside of Europe, there will be representatives and stands from Canada and the U.S., Argentina, Japan, Korea, Bangladesh, and China.

Pioneering clean, windy energy

Denmark, together with Germany, is a leader in the wind industry. Exports from Danish wind companies alone account for some 25 per cent of global sales in the industry, including 13 per cent for world market leader Vestas. After a weaker performance in 2013, DWEA General Manager Rikke Berg expects the global wind market to grow substantially again: “We are convinced that 2014 will be another strong year for the Danish wind industry.”

Little big country

Rikke Berg explains the comprehensive presence of Danish exporting companies at WindEnergy Hamburg with the strength of Denmark’s wind industry, which builds on 30 years of experience. She feels it is only natural that so many Danish wind companies should be there – “We have 300 companies active in the wind industry – that is a lot for a small country.”

Fully powered by renewables by 2050

Denmark itself remains an important sales market for the industry, with its ambitious energy goals for the coming years. Denmark aims to meet the whole of its energy demand with renewables by 2050, with 50 per cent of this coming from onshore and offshore wind power. Their share of the energy mix in 2013 was about 33 per cent. So, investments in the Danish domestic market are expected to be amount to up to 6.7 billion euro up to 2020.

Increased global co-operation

One development which Rikke Berg observes more and more frequently is the trend towards co-operation by the different companies in the wind industry. “Companies are engaging in targeted cooperation for joint development of the best products for the market,” she says. That applies both for inner-Danish projects and for international co-operation.

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On WindEnergy Hamburg

The leading international wind industry exhibition will be held in Hamburg from 23 to 26 September 2014. WindEnergy Hamburg expects more than 1,000 exhibitors from all parts of the world. The leading international fair for the onshore and offshore wind industry will be held at the Hamburg fair grounds every two years.

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