Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
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Companies in Hamburg mostly positive about energy transition

Latest mood barometer on energy transition released by Chamber of Commerce

Companies in Hamburg are more positive about the impact of the energy transition on competitiveness than the average across Germany, according to the latest mood barometer published Tuesday (September 19, 2017) by the Chamber of Commerce. A total of 107 firms in Hamburg and 2,250 across Germany took part in the survey.

“The energy sector is profiting from high demand for new products and services in a dynamic environment. Companies in Hamburg still see clear competitive advantages to the energy transition,” said Jörg Dürre, Chairman of the Committee on Energy. Commerce in Hamburg rated the energy transition +6.3 on average compared to only +1.0 among the 80 Chambers of Commerce across Germany. The figures remained on 2016 levels. However, 34 per cent of companies in Hamburg said their businesses have been hit by power cuts during the last 12 months.

Measures to achieve energy efficiency planned

Nearly three-thirds of companies said they are actively pursuing increased energy efficiency or are planning measures to that effect. The Chamber of Commerce Hamburg has offered members local introductory counselling for years. “The offer helps mainly small and mid-sized companies to identify ways of lowering their operating costs,” said Dürre. Crucially, some 45 per cent of companies have called for lower taxes and expenditure on electricity. Almost one-third called for expanded power grids to secure energy supply in future. One third of companies interviewed have demanded greater efforts towards achieving climate change goals.

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