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Hamburg to Celebrate third Climate Protection Week

Companies to showcase their commitment to cleaner air until18 September 2015

By hosting the third week of action until 18 September 2015, the member companies of the Hamburg Air Quality Partnership reaffirm their commitment to the reduction of traffic-related air pollutants in the Elbe city. Companies motivate and support their employees and business partners to travel to work or customers in the most climate-friendly way.

Car Sharing and E-Cars to Advance Low Emissions Mobility

During the climate protection wee, the air quality partners invited staff and business partners to test electric vehicles or to try car sharing. Other companies focus on the promotion of cycling, by offering bicycle checks or giving away prizes to motivate people to cycle to work. Also, corporate cycling events or charity cycling to collect donations for a good cause are one the agenda. In total, nearly 10,000 employees working for Hamburg’s air quality partners will be participating in events promoting low-emission mobility during the action week. In addition to the environment, also the member companies will benefit from the events. Cycling is good for the health of employees, innovations such as electric drives are making companies more competitive. In addition, the company can score points in regard to raised employee motivation.

Jens Kerstan, Senator for Environment and Energy, explains: “With commitment and creativity, the air quality partners show that both small and large businesses have various options to reduce emissions and make corporate mobility more eco-friendly. Their best-practices turn them into pioneers and role models for other companies. “

Three Years of Air Quality Partnership

The Hamburg Air Quality Partnership was launched in September 2012 by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and the Hamburg businesses to make companies more aware of air pollution and low-emission mobility. Meanwhile, more than 180 companies have joined the partnership.

Next to numerous Hamburg ministries and civic partners, he climate protection week will thus be supported by AMS Advanced Mobility Solutions GmbH, Aurubis AG, Hamburg Airport, Globetrotter Ausrüstung GmbH, Hermes Logistics Group Germany GmbH, High Food, MVR Müllverwertung Rugenberger Damm GmbH & Co.KG, Nord-Ostsee Automobile, the joint venture Sager & Deus GmbH / Paul Opländer-house technology (GmbH & Co.) KG and the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

Behind the scenes

As a prelude to the Action Week, Hamburg Airport showcased its “Mobility Concept 2020” last Friday. Its goal is the consistent conversion of fleets to alternative drives. During a visit of Hamburg Airport, visitors were thus able to gather information on the green measure implemented by the airport by now and in future. With the “Behind the scenes”, Hamburg Airport as Air Partner of the Year Show 2015 wanted to convince other companies that environmental protection is also economically feasible.

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