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Swapfiets bietet Fahrräder in Hamburg im monatlichen Abo an © Swapfiets

Bike subscriptions now available in Hamburg

Dutch Swapfiets offering subscriptions, repairs and bike maintenance services

The Dutch company Swapfiets is now offering bike subscriptions in Hamburg after officially opening a store in Altona. Private users or companies can order the bikes with the blue front wheel online for a monthly fee of EUR 19.50. The offer includes delivery, repairs and insurance. The mix of transport in Hamburg already includes car rental offers, e-scooters and electric scooters.

Subscription as an alternative to rental bikes

The business idea stems from three students in Delft. The bikes are repaired or a new one provided within 24 hours. Swapfiets wants to offer an alternative to existing rental bike concepts such as the city bike. “We are targeting people who often ride a bike and don’t want to be rushed by minute prices,” said André Illmer, Germany Manager of Swapfiets.

Strengthening bicycle traffic in Hamburg

Founded in 2014, the company has over 130,000 subscribers in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Belgium, the company said. Swapfiets designs its own bicycles and is also offering the first e-bike subscription in addition to opening a growing number of local stores. The Dutch concept complements previous transport solutions and will help strength cycling in the Hanseatic city.

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