Hamburg News: renewable energy in Hamburg and it´s business region. Several wind mills in the business area shown.
Bürgermeister Olaf Scholz beim Messerundgang © Hamburg Messe Hartmut Zielke

Big deals and innovations: WindEnergy Hamburg exceeds expectations

Frank Horch, Hamburg Minister of Economy, Transport, and Innovation, to visit the lead fair today.

How do we meet our energy needs of tomorrow? How will we be able to fulfill our responsibility for climate protection and advance Germany’s energy transition? The topic of wind power will play an important role in answering these questions, and the industrial world has recognised its importance. This is also reflected in the list of exhibitors participating in the first edition of the global lead fair WindEnergy in Hamburg, with 1,250 exhibitors from more than 30 countries currently present their products and innovations in Hamburg. Today, Wednesday 24 September, the Hamburg of Economy, Transport, and Innovation, Frank Horch, will visit the fair to gather insights and deepen contacts.

International industry

Wind power will play an increasingly important role in the energy supply and climate change, Hamburg’s First Mayor Olaf Scholz pointed out during his tour of the fair. Hamburg hold a key position as an industrial and service location for wind energy on international level, a fact reflected in the list of exhibitors at the fair. “In the Hamburg metropolitan area, you will not only find leading manufacturers of turbines and wind farms, but also medium-sized enterprises for project development, installation and maintenance,” Scholz said.

Wind capital Hamburg

Some of the world’s leading producer of wind turbines have their headquarters in Hamburg, including Nordex, Senvion and Siemens. In 2014, the installed capacity by Nordex and Senvion reached a total of 10 gigawatts. In the offshore sector, Siemens is the industry leader with approximately 2,600 MW installed

In the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, manufacturer of wind turbines have mainly focused their activities on product development, sales, and management. Six international manufacturers of wind turbines operate branches in Hamburg.

Booming industry creates employment

Worldwide, more and more wind turbines are being installed. At the same time, the industry invests a lot of money and energy in the development of turbines, rotors and components to optimise production cost and increase efficiency. The dynamic industry thus offers interesting jobs and career opportunities, particular for especially experts much sought-after worldwide. Overall, the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) forecasts more than 2.6 million people working directly or indirectly for the wind industry around the globe by 2030.

In 2014, already more than 761,000 people in the wind industry have earned their income in the wind industry compared to 2011’s 670,000 employees worldwide (all figures: GWEC). By hosting a “Recruitment Day” on 26 September, WindEnergy Hamburg is meeting the needs of the industry for qualified professionals.

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Watch the video to see how a 64.4 m long rotor blade has been transported to the Hamburg fair ground in the night of 19 September.

Wind energy in Hamburg

In Hamburg, the expansion of wind industry is being promoted by two agents, the cluster Renewable Energy Hamburg and the Hamburg branch of the German Wind Energy Association. The cluster was established in 2010 to strengthen co-operations in the entire sector of renewable energies. With 180 members from research institutes to global players and civic institutions, all fields of expertise of the booming industry are being covered.

Today home to 60 wind turbines, with seven located in the port, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg currently generates 55 megawatts of green electricity. By installing additional wind turbines, Hamburg will be expanding capacities to 100 MW.

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