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AIDA Cruises presents 2015 Sustainability Report

AIDA Cruises presented its latest Sustainability Report, "AIDA cares 2015", in Hamburg on 24 July. CO2 reductions and alternative energies are at the heart of the document.

“We have achieved many more important milestones in terms of environmental protection. AIDAsol is the world’s first cruise liner to be powered by electricity from low-emissions liquid natural gas, delivered by the LNG Hybrid Barge in the Port of Hamburg. Other ships in the AIDA fleet have been fitted with a comprehensive filtering system to reduce exhaust gases. Together with atmosfair, we have launched a climate protection programme to reduce CO2 emissions,” reports Dr Monika Griefahn, Director of Environmental and Community Affairs at AIDA Cruises.

No contradiction between commerce and environmental awareness

“The cruise industry has a particularly big responsibility when it comes to reducing the emission of pollutants,” adds the renowned climate researcher Professor Mojib Latif, Head of the research in the field of Ocean Circulation and Climate Dynamics at the Helmholtz Centre for Oceanic Research in Kiel. “AIDA is proving that commercial success and environmentally aware action do not have to be a contradiction. The deployment of innovative environmental technologies and the participation in numerous research projects reflect that unique new path being pursued by AIDA, along with the company’s ambitious goals.”

CO2 reduction and compensation

Mojib Latif is patron of the climate protection organisation, atmosfair. In 2014, AIDA Cruises launched a new climate protection programme in collaboration with the organisation. AIDA Cruises compensates for the CO2 emissions arising from business trips undertaken by personnel by means of atmosfair climate-protection projets. The company also offers its passengers the opportunity of voluntary CO2 compensation for their cruises. As part of a pilot project, AIDA Cruises wants to test the possibility of using LNG to power ships in the future – specifically, LNG produced using wind power or solar electricityy and thus completely CO2-free.

Electric cars for business trips The AIDA Home office facility, opened in 2014, was the first building in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania to be awarded the Silver Seal from DNGB, the German Sustainabile Building Council. The introduction of electric cars for business travels at the company sites in Rostock and Hamburg represents a further contribution by the company to environmental protection.

Avoiding emissions from 2020

With the 2019/2020 generation of ships, AIDA Cruises ais to make another, even bolder statement about environmental protection. The company’s “Green Cruising” concept will see the company become the world’s first cruise line to power 100 percent of its new generation of ships with LNG (liquid natural gas). This should result in complete elimination of the emission of soot particles and sulfur oxides.
The complete Sustainability Report is available for reading on the AIDA website.

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