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600 New Charging Points For E-Cars

600 new charging points for zero-emission vehicles until summer 2016. Uniform standard. In the Hamburg metro region, more than 1,200 electric cars are currently in use

Frank Horch, Hamburg Minister of Economy, Transport, and Innovation officially inaugurated Hamburg’s first civic harging station for electric vehicles on Monday, 13 April 2015. The charging station in the district of Uhlenhorst is located on the grounds of the TOTAL petrol station at Mundsburger Damm. By late 2016, users of electric vehicles, will find 600 public charging stations in Hamburg. 70 charging stations will allow powerful DC fast-charging. Wigth the fast-charging network, services providers such as taxi companies will be able to operate their business emission-free

New Payment Options

New for owners of electric cars is the additional possibility to access to the charging stations even without a contract. They will be able to unlock the charging station via SMS and will be charged via their mobile phone bill or pre-paid credit. According to the Hamburg Senate, another convenient payment option via smartphone app is also in preparation.

Central control

The public charging points are installed, operated, maintained and serviced by the public utility company Stromnetz Hamburg GmbH, which meanwhile also sets up a platform to control all charging points with advanced IT.

Big Plans

Including charging points in all seven districts, the e-charging master plan is to be implemented quickly. So far, users of electric vehicles have access to 142 public charging points in Hamburg’s urbanised area, with 100 of them located right at the roadside. Currently, there are 1,250 electric cars in use in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region.

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