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Professor in Hamburg to head World Climate Research Programme

Appointed director of WCRP Joint Scientific Committee (JSC)

Prof. Detlef Stammer, incumbent Head of Remote Sensing and Assimilation and Director of the Center for Earth System Research and Sustainability at the University of Hamburg, has been appointed director of the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP), a press release said Wednesday (February 20, 2019). Stammer will now chair the 17-strong WCRP Joint Scientific Committee (JSC) of international scientists for two years.

New core elements of research

WCRP focuses on future research in short-term climate predictions, future forecasts, extended understanding of the climate system and the provision of decision-relevant climate information. WCRP’s strategic plan foresees better understanding of internal variations and changes in the climate system by 2028. Hopes are high that statements on short-term developments will also be possible. The longer-term evolution of the climate system and reactions to changed boundary conditions will also be assessed.

Accessibility of climate information

Stammer is committed to ensuring that programmes are targeted properly to improve concrete forecasts for certain regions. This is the only way to make locally important climate information available to citizens, politicians and industry. Decisions based on the information can then be made. “This can only be done with international co-ordination. We need to share knowledge and data much more effectively in order to be able to counter climate change in good time,” said Stammer.

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