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World's Largest Online Trader Chooses Hamburg's Logistics Expertise

Otto Group reports new success in globalisation. Hermes subsidiary BorderGuru becomes logistics Partner of Alibaba and Cainiao

BorderGuru, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Hermes Group, has become the official contractual partner of China’s Alibaba Group. With a gross merchandise value (GMV) of 452 billion USD and access to over 280 million customers, the Alibaba Group is currently the world’s leading online retailer. Through its TMall Global shopping platform, Alibaba offers its Chinese customers popular international brands. On behalf of Cainiao, the logistics provider of the Chinese trading giant, BorderGuru GmbH is managing the whole logistics cross-border shipping process for European clients looking to sell on the booming Chinese market.

Labels from Europe and the U.S.

Through its TMall Global marketplace – explicitly targeting the private consumer – original goods from Europe, the US and elsewhere are sold to Chinese customers. At present, about 5,400 international brands from a total of 53 countries are being offered on TMall Global. Items imported from Germany include particularly pharmaceutical products, nutritional supplements, baby products and foods, as well as organically produced children’s clothing and luxury items. “

Coverage Of TheEntire Logistics Chain

As part of the collaboration with Alibaba’s affiliated logistics platform, Cainiao, BorderGuru provides the IT-assisted management of the whole logistics chain between Europe and China – from the pick up at the retailer’s warehouse in Europe through to the transfer to the ‘last mile’ in China.

James Zhao, Director of Global Import at Cainiao: “We are delighted to have secured the services of the experienced logistics specialist Hermes with its proven track record in retailing. In conjunction with its strong e-commerce base, BorderGuru for us is a logical partner we can trust with our continued expansion in Europe,” explains James Zhao.

International Transport By Hermes

The international transport, comprising all customs clearance formalities will be processed through Hermes. BorderGuru can rely on the growing logistics network of the Hermes Group. In China, Cainiao is then responsible for the import clearance and distribution to the Chinese end consumer.

The Alibaba concept and the expansion of its TMall platform is bearing fruit. TMall Global is still by far the easiest way for many Chinese customers to buy brand products from Europe at favourable prices. On Singles’ Day in November, the biggest shopping event in the Chinese calendar, the Alibaba Group achieved a turnover of over 14.3 billion USD on one single day.

Globalisation Made Easy For Local Webshops

Retailers from a variety of sectors are already using BorderGuru services and operate on TMall. Alongside this collaboration with Cainiao, BorderGuru offers further opportunities to tap the Chinese market. Retailers looking to expand globally can also sell to Chinese customers directly from their local webshop and have them delivered through BorderGuru. In future, clients will be offered more attractive market entry opportunities to tap potential e-commerce markets abroad.

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