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United Arab Shipping Company and Hamburg Süd sign a global co-operation agreement

The agreement came after a series of discussions focused on the companies’ respective customers’ business needs, key growth areas, and operational requirements. The need to address logistical imbalances was also a key driver behind the agreement.

Global reach and reliable services

“As a customer-focused and emerging global operator, UASC is committed to continuously delivering new and enhanced service patterns. This co-operation with Hamburg Süd enables access to the South America trades and illustrates our ambitious approach to enhance geographic coverage” said Jørn Hinge, President and Chief Executive Officer of UASC. “In today’s challenging marketplace our customers deserve more opportunities, better services and improved efficiencies. Through partnerships with leading operators such as Hamburg Süd, and investment in some of the largest and most eco-efficient container vessels ever built, UASC ensures that customer service remains at the very heart of our operations.” he remarked.

Referring to the agreement, Dr. Ottmar Gast, Chairman of the Executive Board of Hamburg Süd, said, “This cooperation will enable Hamburg Süd and UASC to complement each other’s core services and networks, offering both lines’ customers a more comprehensive global reach and reliable services without incremental investment in new tonnage. Hamburg Süd and UASC customers will benefit from the companies’ deployments featuring highly efficient and environmentally friendly vessels,” he added.

Initial co-operation in core trade

Initially, Hamburg Süd and UASC have agreed to co-operate on several of their respective core trades. Hamburg Süd will enter the Asia – North Europe and Asia – US trades in December 2014 and January 2015, respectively, while UASC will enter the Europe – South America East Coast and Asia – South America East Coast trades effective from mid-2015. Initially, the cooperation will be in the form of slot exchanges; vessel deployment opportunities will be explored in due course. Further geographic scope for cooperation is currently under discussion. Both carriers also intend to explore other areas of cooperation going forward.

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On Hamburg Süd

Founded in Hamburg in 1871, the “Hamburg Südamerikanische Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft” (HSDG), short Hamburg Süd, is one of the leading North-South liner operators serving all trades to and from South America. Being a reefer specialist Hamburg Süd also serves other North-South trade lanes, i.e. between Australia / New Zealand and North America and Asia respectively. As part of the Hamburg Süd Group, the Brazilian flag carrier Aliança holds a significant position in the Brazilian Cabotage and in the Mercosur trade. Hamburg Süd is represented in more than 100 locations in North and South America as well as in Europe and Australasia. It is deploying a fleet of approximately 100 container ships, thereof 45 group owned which have a modern fuel efficient design and are purpose built to serve the requirements of the South America trade lanes. Through its affiliates Rudolf A. Oetker, Furness Withy Chartering and Aliança Bulk Hamburg Süd operates some 50 Handysize to Panmax bulk carriers and product tankers. Hamburg Süd is the largest entity of the privately owned Oetker Group.

On United Arab Shipping

United Arab Shipping Company (UASC) is a global shipping company based in the Middle East. Founded in 1976, UASC is present in more than 75 countries around the world. The company is a major container shipping player in the Middle East region and adjacent markets, covering over 200 ports and destinations worldwide. UASC offers containerized and conventional cargo transportation, temperature controlled cargo and value added services to a diversified global client-base, covering the Middle East, Europe, Mediterranean, Indian Sub-continent, Far East, Australia, West Africa and The Americas.

UASC’s investment in LNG preparedness and energy efficient technologies highlights its position as one of the most sustainable shipping companies in the world. The company is currently implementing one of the industry’s largest and most technologically-advanced newbuilding programs with seventeen new vessels on order; six 18,000 TEU and eleven 14,000 TEU containerships. These investments will see it become the first company in the industry to become ‘LNG ready’, whilst significantly reducing fuel costs and environmental impact.

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