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17th Health and Environment Award

Three Hamburg companies honoured: Eisenbahnbauverein Harburg eG, Unikai Lagerei- und Speditionsgesellschaft mbH and Regionalverband Umweltberatung Nord e.V.

Noise can make you sick. The reduction of noise is therefore an important issue in occupational health and safety. Ideas and concepts on how to save energy in factories, how to create a healthy working environment or how to produce environmentally friendly, are annually being recognised as best practices by the Signal Iduna Environment and Health Price of the Hamburg Chamber of Craft and Skilled Trades.

Three Awards for Hamburg

These criteria were fulfilled by the the Eisenbahnbauverein Harburg eG. Its holistic approach in renovating 477 flats of its stock was awarded the first prize at the 17th edition of the competition. At the ceremony at the Hamburg Chamber of Crafts and Skilled Trades, the second prize went to the Greifswald neoplas company for an innovative wound healing pin. The third prize was given to Unikai Lagerei- and Speditionsgesellschaft mbH in Hamburg harbor for a technique to reduce noise. The school project on air quality conducted of the Regional Association of Environmental Consulting Nord eV with headquarters in Hamburg was recognised with a special prize.

Cornelia Prüfer Storck, Hamburg Minster of Health, Chamber President Josef Katzer and Ulrich Leitermann, CEO of SIGNAL IDUNA Group paid tribute to the award winners in the ceremony. The ceremony was presented by Dieter Fuhrmann from the Centre for Energy, Water and Environmental Engineering (ZEWU) of the Hamburg Chamber of Crafts and Skilled Trades Handwerkskammer Hamburg.

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