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TUHH awards Hamburg metropolitan region's logistics prize 2016

Logistics prize is promoted by Forschungsgemeinschaft für Logistik e.V. First prize goes to innovative concept for planning order picking systems

The University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg (TUHH) has awarded the logistics prize of the Forschungsgemeinschaft für Logistik e.V. worth EUR 1,500 to the three most promising graduates’ theses. Katharina Fegebank, Hamburg’s Deputy Mayor, presented the certificates to the winners as part of the 25th Hamburg Logistics Colloquium with Professor Andreas Timm-Giel and Professor Gunther Pawellek of TUHH. The award ceremony was organised by TUHH and Forschungsgemeinschaft für Logistik e.V.

Logistics Colloquium on real time technologies

Sophie Laura Müller, a graduate of International Industrial Engineering (IWI), won first prize for her master’s thesis in which she developed an innovative procedure model for planning order picking systems. The model can help firms in any sector when choosing one or several order picking systems.

Jannik Stamm, a graduate of Logistics, Infrastructure and Mobility (LIM), won second prize for an early strategic warning system to avoid bankruptcy. The second prize was shared jointly with Christoph Wiesbrock, a graduate of International Industrial Engineering (IWI), for his procedure of choosing suitable forecasting methods for spare parts’ requirements after successfully completing a business deal.

The 25th Logistics Colloquium was held under the theme of “Digital Logistics: Real Time Technologies in the Supply Chain”. The event focused on the risks and opportunities facing logistics management in companies and on global production and logistics’ networks. The 26th edition of the Logistics Colloquium will be held on March 2, 2017.

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