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Traffic Conditions At Burchardkai Greatly Improved

After two years of construction, the Hamburg Port Authority opened Rugenberger Damm for traffic

After two years of construction, the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) officially opened Rugenberger Damm for traffic. A major milestone of the Traffic Improvement Scheme for Buchardkai has thus been completed on schedule, HPA said on Wednesday, 7 January 2015. The project will provide Burchardkai terminal as the port’s largest, and adjacent firms with efficient transport links to control the increase in cargo volumes.

Works To Continue in Mid-January

The official opening of Rugenberger Damm prepares the ground for the replacement of the Waltershof bridges, scheduled to start in mid-January. “One of our key objectives in the Port of Hamburg is the optimisation of traffic to ensure the port’s competitiveness in long-term. We will thus be implementing advance traffic management systems and adjust traffic infrastructure to prepare for higher cargo volumes. One of the measures include the Burchardkai transport links”, said Frank Horch, Hamburg Minister of Economy, Traffic, and Innovation.

Increase In Container Volumes

Next to Rugenberger Damm and the Waltershof Bridge, also the Rugenberg lock is part of the traffic improvement scheme. With the renewal started in 2012, HPA strives to complete works in the current year.. „A significant growth in container volumes has been predicted for the next years. With the ongoing expansion programme for our container terminal Burchardkai, we are preparing the grounds for long term growth”, said Klaus-Dieter Peters, CEO of Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG.

Construction cost of Rugenberger Damms amounted to 3.5 million euro. The overall project has a budget of around 110 million euro and is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

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About the Hamburg Port Authority

Since 2005, the Hamburg Port Authority has been responsible for port management, a role that was previously fulfilled by a number of Hamburg authorities. The range of its activities is just as great as the Port of Hamburg itself. Both on the water’s surface and underwater, in road and rail systems, HPA are responsible for ensuring the maintenance and development of the port infrastructure throughout the port – from IT-based control of shipping traffic to flood protection and the operation of Germany’s largest port railway.
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