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New Survey on the Shipping Location Hamburg

Hamburg can compete in global competions. Fields of actions identified for public and private sectors

Shipping is an important global industry, and particularly important for the business location Germany. Hamburg is a global leading centre of the industry, and successfully competes in global competition. This is a result of the survey “The Shipping Location Hamburg – Strengths, Challenges, and Tomorrow’s Potentials“, jointly presented by the Hamburg Minister of Economy, Transport, and Innovation, Frank Horch, and the experts of Ernst & Young and Fraunhofer CML on 2 März 2016 in Hamburg.

4.1 Billion Euro of Added Value

The assessment is based on a detailed analysis of shipping in Hamburg. Ship owners, ship brokers, ship agents, ship financers, and shipping-related service providers and institutions were taken into account in the survey. Effects of the ongoing shipping crisis can also witnessed in Hamburg. Nevertheless, more than 23,550 employees in 460 companies annually generated an estimated value of 4.1 billion euro Especially the great diversity and density of enterprises and institutions in all areas of maritime industries characterise the region. On a national level, Hamburg clearly is the strongest location. In international rankings, Hamburg comes second after Singapore, and clearly ahead of Rotterdam and Oslo.

High Quality Shipping Location

The experts believe that Hamburg can maintain its position as a high quality shipping location. In their survey, they also identify this key challenges and policy options, namely raising capital structures of shipping companies. An active addressing and reacting to these challenges has already succeeded in various fields. At the same time, the experts call for further action after the elimination of the KG model and new ways of raising equity. Private sector involvement is compulsory, they say.

Impulses to Strengthen the Shipping Location Hamburg

Also in research and development, human resources, regional conditions and location marketing, the evaluators saw starting points to give impetus to the strengthening of the site. Overall, the experts suggest 17 measures that may contribute to ensuring the sustainability of the shipping location Hamburg.

Frank Horch: “The report impressively shows how strong and diverse shipping is in Hamburg. In the survey, opinions of key stakeholders in Hamburg’s shipping industry have been included. This ongoing dialogue is important to us. To ensure the future of the shipping location Hamburg, I appeal to all stakeholders to continue their efforts and to work hard for a positive development. “
The report “Marine Hamburg – strengths, challenges and future potential” is available online at

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