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Intelligent Traffic Lights in the Port of Hamburg

Smooth traffic flows instead of jams: HPA and NXP make the Port of Hamburg a smart one with intelligent traffic lights

In co-operation with NXP Semiconductors, the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) launched the first smart traffic light in the Port of Hamburg.The new light was installed to optimise the truck traffic flow and to guide people faster and more secure through the increasingly busy port area. With the so-called SmartPort Traffic Light, the HPA continues introduced yet another project to avoid congestion and emissions. When implementing these forward-looking project, the HPA increasingly relies on IT.

Vehicles Communicate with Signs and Traffic Lights

To implement the SmartPort Traffic Light, the HPA co-operated with various industry partners, including NXP, Siemens, Heusch / Boesefeldt. In future, smart lights will allow to handle trucks more quickly, thus reducing emissions when they pass through the port. By using the wireless “vehicle-to-X communication” (V2X), vehicles will be able to communicate directly with infrastructure elements such as traffic lights, traffic signs or road works.

Project partners

Thus, trucks approaching a light will be able to expand or advance the green light in order to pass the light without stoping. The RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) also allows to other road user in the range of the traffic light. Thus, accidents can be automatically avoided by sending out a hazard warning to other approaching trucks by using the V2X connection, explains the HPA. NXP Semiconductors, the technology leader for secure vehicle and infrastructure networks, will provide the technology for wireless communication via V2X and RFID and ensures data protection and security. Another project partner is Siemens.

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Intelligente Solution for a Sustainable Urban Developement

“The smartPort is a key element of the ‘Digital City Strategy’ determined by the Hamburg Senate at the beginning of the year”, explains Frank Horch, Hamburg Minister of Economy, Transport, and Innovation. “The innovations tested today by HPA and NXP in the Port of Hamburg allow Hamburg’s port industry to be even more competitive, and to enhance Hamburg’s assets in general: We need intelligent traffic solutions to increase the quality of life and the general security for the people living in Hamburg.“

About the Hamburg Port Authority

Since 2005, the Hamburg Port Authority has been responsible for port management, a role that was previously fulfilled by a number of Hamburg authorities. The range of its activities is just as great as the Port of Hamburg itself. Both on the water’s surface and underwater, in road and rail systems, HPA are responsible for ensuring the maintenance and development of the port infrastructure throughout the port – from IT-based control of shipping traffic to flood protection and the operation of Germany’s largest port railway.

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