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Several large-scale construction projects planned in Hamburg

Major projects planned in many districts of Hamburg

More buildings are being planned in HafenCity, Billebogen and Grasbrook under the theme “Large areas need large projects”. The southern Überseequartier is the largest construction project underway in HafenCity. Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, the developer of the project, plans to complete the 265,000 square metre-site by 2024. The 244-metre high Elbtower is to become a jewel of Billebogen and form the entrance to the city. The symbiosis of working and living is to be developed in a new district in Grasbrook.

Cutting-edge buildings, many workplaces

Development of the southern Überseequartier is well underway and will accommodate 650 apartments, 200 shops, 50 catering units and eateries, hotels and ten cinemas as well as a cruise terminal. Plans are also being laid to develop the eastern HafenCity in Baakenhafen in the direction of Elbbrücken. There, 3,500 apartments and up to 15,000 jobs are to be created. This year, construction will start on a high-tech smart building entitled “The Pier”, the Berufsgenossenschaft für Gesundheit und Wohlfahrtspflege’s (Employer’s Liability Insurance Association for Health and Welfare) prevention centre as well as a solar building that will cover its energy requirements itself.

Elbtower and Elbdome

The design of Billebogen, which had been neglected for decades, is proving a challenge for urban planners. The area is the site of the Elbtower with 100,000 square metres of space for diverse uses. The Elbdome is to be built behind it with event space for up to 9,000 spectators. Both buildings are linked up by the new Elbbrücken station, which is served by the subway and the S-Bahn. The planning process will begin in January and is likely to generate more ideas for the area towards the city.

Future-orientated construction projects

Lastly, the development of Kleiner Grasbrook as a new urban district has also begun opposite HafenCity where 3,000 apartments are being built and 16,000 jobs will be created in forward-looking, small and mid-sized production facilities. A large Elbe park is also to be created in the north of Grasbrook. “Hamburg is lucky to be able to reinvent an urban space of more than 300 hectares in such a central location, for today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow,” says Prof. Jürgen Bruns-Berentelg, CEO of HafenCity Hamburg GmbH.

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