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Wind farms make port grow

Brunsbüttel Ports nearly doubled handling of wind farms in the first six months of 2014. Hub for onshore and offshore since 2004.

The positive development of onshore wind energy industry in Schleswig-Holstein is reflected in the successful half-year balance of Brunsbuttel ports. In the first six months of 2014, Almost twice as many segments as in the same period last year were shipped, a trend that has been developing for ten years continuously.

Hub for growth markets

Currently, segments for onshore wind turbines are being stored at the port. These include tower segments with individual weights of 36 tons to 65 tons, as well as hubs with weights from 15 to 34 tons, as well as gondolas and stators with weights of 50 tons. The wind turbine elements were being shipped to Brunsbüttel from Magdeburg, Emden, and Malmö and will gradually be picked up by heavy-duty trucks for further transport to onshore wind farms in the region. “We are very pleased with our port’s stable development. The wind farms on land are almost in sight, and to offshore wind farms, we offer excellent connections. In combination with our universal approach, we are the ideal partner for the handling and storage of wind turbine components. We do everything to continue this positive development”, explains Frank Schnabel, Managing Director of Brunsbüttel Ports GmbH.

Handling partner for onshore and offshore

While the young offshore wind energy industry first has to overcome numerous challenges, the onshore wind industry has been growinf considerably in the course of the energy transition to renewable sources. Schleswig-Holstein, a land between two seas with persistant wind, particularly benefited from the increasing number of onshore wind farms. Parallel to this development, Brunsbuttel ports established itself p as a reliable partner and offers solutions for both the onshore as well as offshore wind energy sector.

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