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Positive outlook for Hamburg's logistics sector

Survey by Logistik-Initiative Hamburg - business picked up in 2016 for most, over half expecting rising employee numbers

Some 59 per cent of logistics companies in Hamburg said business had improved in 2016 compared to 23 per cent of similar firms interviewed across Germany, a press release said Thursday (February 23rd). Around 53 per cent of companies interviewed in Hamburg (5 per cent over 2016) are optimistic and expect even better business in 2017 compared to 50 per cent of those interviewed in other parts of Germany.

Some 48 per cent of logistics and transport firms in Hamburg invested more in 2016 over 2015. More than 90 per cent plan to invest at least as much capital in 2017. Professor Dr. Peer Witten, CEO of the Logistik-Initiative Hamburg, said: “That again shows the economic clout of logistics in the metropolitan region and how positive this is seen by the companies themselves.”

Logistics sector driving jobs in Hamburg

Around 390,000 employees currently work in logistics across the Hamburg Metropolitan Region and 172,000 in Hamburg making it the biggest employer and a key catalyst of jobs in 2016. This comes amid stagnating prices and costs. Some 47 per cent of firms in Hamburg hired new personnel last year, they said. Around 52 per cent expect rising employee numbers. Companies in Hamburg wish to recruit people with expertise and know-how such as dispatchers, customs specialists and IT managers. Drivers, clerks and warehouse staff are also required.

Importance of Logistik-Initiative

Three-thirds of interviewees, who are members of the Logistik-Initiative Hamburg, rated the network’s efforts positively. Around 55 per cent prioritised new contacts and establishing business relationships. Around 80 per cent of interviewees said the network’s efforts benefit Hamburg and are an important impetus. More than 500 members from industry, trade, service sectors, public institutions, research and development make the Logistik-Initiative Hamburg the biggest European network of its kind.

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