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Port of Hamburg reviews 5G test phase

Port draws positive conclusions - virtual networks and remote control

Tests of the new 5G standard undertaken in the Port of Hamburg as part of the EU project 5G-MoNArch have ended, a press release said Tuesday (June 11, 2019). The port had been test area for the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA), Deutsche Telekom and Nokia from January 2018 to June 2019.

Technological lead in the Port of Hamburg

New aspects of the 5G standard had been tested in three applications to demonstrate its viability. The transmission of 3D via an augmented reality application has proven the rapid availability of large amounts of data, a traffic light enables remote control of the traffic flows in the port and sensors on three ships provide movement and environmental data in real time. Hendrik Roreger, HPA Project Manager, said: “Thanks to the experience gained, we now have a clear technological advantage. If 5G is officially launched, we would be ready to implement complex applications here.”

Virtual networks tried and tested

The so-called network slicing is crucial to 5G networks as it enables the parallel operation of virtual networks based on a joint infrastructure. Networks or so-called slices can have different characteristics. Christoph Schmelz, Nokia project manager and overall project manager at 5GMoNArch, said: “We were able to show in real operation that mobile radio networks can be quickly and flexibly adapted to the needs of industrial users thanks to network slicing.”

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