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Port of Hamburg banking on digital networking

Hafen Hamburg Marketing conference on Port 4.0 to focus on digitally networked services

The recent “Digital Networking” conference by Hafen Hamburg Marketing (HHM) gave delegates an overview of underwater drones, autonomous trucks or paperless customs clearance and how far Port 4.0 has already advanced, a press release said Friday (October 19, 2018). The digital networking of port services is a major part of the progress in line with the Port of Hamburg’s Smart Port Strategy.

Networked thinking to drive automation forward

Dr. Sebastian Saxe, CDO Hamburg Port Authority, noted that rail, water and road traffic in the port is already being digitally controlled. The experience gained will benefit Hamburg overall and can be applied to the complex transport system. Next year, the “Green4Transport” project will link up vehicles with intelligent traffic lights and guide trucks in columns across intersections. The introduction of 5G in the port test field will allow more visionary projects to be turned around. Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG is steadily using drones including autonomous ones, at its terminals. Jan Bovermann, Head of Corporate Development at HHLA, stressed that further automation can only be achieved through networked thinking: “The digital culture of a company cannot be measured by the amount of blockchain projects that have been set up. The three factors vision, culture and co-operation are decisive. This also means involving employees, customers, service providers and suppliers in equal measure.”

95 per cent digitalisation rate in Port of Hamburg

Ulrich Wrage, CEO of Dakosy, an IT service provider specializing in logistics, said the port has already reached a digitalisation rate of 95 per cent, which corresponds to around 2,000 companies affiliated with the port. The Hamburg Vessel Coordination Centre (HVCC) is a successful example of networking between different companies and institutions. The co-ordination centre in the port links up shipowners with terminals to optimise ship handling. The Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg celebrated its first anniversary in September 2018. The hub forms an international innovation point for the digital transformation of logistics on land, at sea and in the air, and is likely to send even more impulses for Port 4.0.

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