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The Sweet Taste of the Port of Hamburg

Did you ever wonder how honey would rhyme with shipping? HHLA now answered the question - with the world's first honey from a container terminal

Eight colonies made up of 320,000 busy bees swarmed out from the HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA) for the first time in 2015. It was HHLA who hit upon the idea for this, and it was taken up by an enthusiastic beekeeper who saw the appeal in the employee newsletter. Beekeeper Stephan Iblher had wanted to make a harbour honey for a long time and was delighted at hearing the plan by HHLA’s sustainability officer, Jan Hendrik Pietsch.

The Flavour: Fresh, Slightly Bitter

The collaboration began in early summer, the result of which is now a delicious honey. It has a fresh, slightly bitter taste with a note of meadow herbs. “Not very typical for Hamburg”, says the beekeeper, who prefers to keep his beehives in the vicinity of Hamburg landmarks such as St Michael’s Church.

Honey Production to be Continued in 2016

Only a small amount of honey was harvested in 2015, and stocks dried up very quickly. The project is to be continued next year in the hope of a good harvest in 2016.

Comprehensive tests carried out by a renowned institution which specialises in analyses of foodstuffs has confirmed the purity of “HHLA Hafengold”. So even in a modern port with highly efficient terminals, the bees can clearly find a suitable habitat rich in food. Unfortunately, the honey cannot be bought yet, but is only used by HHLA as gift.

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