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Port anniversary: trade relations with guest country Hungary

Hungary is important trade partner for port of Hamurg. Increased container handling since 2012. Rails are prime means of transport

Hungary is attracting lots of attention as guest country at the 827th port anniversary celebrations in Hamburg this year. And the Hungarians are presenting a multifaceted programme of music, culture and traditional food in the Kehrwiederspitze in Speicherstadt. But the country’s importance for the port of Hamburg is not limited to the festive period as Hungary plays an all round important role in trade relations. Port of Hamburg (Hafen Hamburg Marketing) has published facts and figures on the development of freight transport and coastal foreign trade with the country.

Hungary as a logistic linchpin

The port of Hamburg is the transhipment, warehousing and distribution centre for Hungary’s coastal foreign trade and the country is an important transport hub between Hamburg and Eastern Europe. The favourable geographic position between countries in central, southern and Eastern Europe as well as the TEN corridors through Hungary enhance its location. And Hungary is also becoming increasingly important as a production site for the multinational automotive and electronics industry yielding a significant volume of exports.

Increased handling

In 2015, around 77,000 TEU (20 foot standard containers) for Hungary were handled in the port of Hamburg. Around 58 per cent of those containers were for export. Since 2012, container handling with Hungary has increased steadily – most recently by around 10.4 per cent over 2014. Among the main goods are machines and electronic devices, chemical products, instruments for measurement and control technology, synthetic and rubber goods, distillation products and food.

Most goods transported by rail

Rail is the top means of transport for Hungarian imports and exports. More than 85 per cent of goods handled in Hamburg are transported by rail. In terms of containerized cargo, rail transport has a modal share of over 95 per cent. Six direct, container trains per week run between the port of Hamburg and the Budapest Intermodal Logistics Centre (BILK).

Refurbishing loan

The excellent railway connections and lorry transport routes between Hamburg and Hungary have added to the positive traffic development. Until this year, the European Investment Bank has given Hungary a loan of EUR 250 million to rehabilitate and upgrade the existing rail infrastructure.

The Hafen Hamburg Marketing (HMM) has had a branch in Budapest since 1992. It aims to enhance the seaport economy of Hamburg and the metropolitan region in Hungary.

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