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A Brunsbüttel Premiere: Onshore Wind Farm Components Now Also Arrive By Rail

Brunsbüttel's Elbe port strengthens its position as leading trimodal hub of the Lower Elbe river. Wind power creates stable growth

For the second time in a short time, components of onshore wind turbines arrived at Brunsbüttel’s Elbe port by train. In October, the first 32 components of ENERCON wind turbines were brought on a unit train operated by the company’s subcontractor egoo been brought to the port, with the 430 metres long train counting 18 cars. Last weekend, another 39 wind farm components arrived, including for the first time, three rotor blades with a length of about 40 metres each. The segments are intended for wind farm sites in Schleswig-Holstein.

Ideal for General Cargo With Large Load Sizes

Just as many of the components that arrive on a regular basis with the ship in the port, the components are first stored and then transported by truck to the final destination. As not every production site has direct access to waterways, rail transport may be a reasonable alternative for transporting cargo with large load sizes. The trains heading to Brunsbüttel were compiled and loaded with generator and rotor blade components at egoo’s hub in Emden.

Trimodal Hub

Frank Schnabel, CEO of Brunsbüttel Ports GmbH, explains: “We are delighted to emphasise our strength as trimodal hub once again by handling large wind power components arriving by rail. It is constantly our commitment to support our customers in the development of intelligent transport concepts that particularly involve ship and rail. The handling at our intermodal terminal went smoothly, and we look forward to the regular continuation of this logistics concept “.

Strengthened as Transshipment Port for Wind Power

“The role of Brunsbüttel as an important location for the handling of wind turbines and other components of the wind power industry has bee further strengthened by this connection. In this sense, Schramm Group will continue to be active in this particular market segment and to develop and offer custom-tailored services”, Schnabel closed.

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