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Nüwiel testing electricity-run bicycle trailer with IKEA

Tests of bicycle trailer and handcart underway in Hamburg-Altona

Tests of an electricity-run bicycle trailer designed by the Hamburg-based start-up Nüwiel are underway in Hamburg-Altona with IKEA until June 3, 2018. Last year, Nüwiel became the only German company to qualify for the three-month IKEA Bootcamp/ in Sweden. IKEA gave start-ups support, access to its facilities i.e. prototype shops and laboratories as well as expert knowledge and encouraged them to design new products for the company. Clients now have an opportunity to try out the trailers with or without bicycles as a motorised handcart has been made available for transporting goods.

Electric power for up to 150 kilograms

Nüwiel’s novel trailer is based on special sensor technology that measures the distance between bicycle and trailer. If a route goes downhill, a signal is sent to the brakes via the control system. If the route goes uphill, a signal is sent to the engine. In that way, the trailer knows exactly when to speed up or hit the brakes. The cyclist does not notice the weight of the trailer; travels safer and can avoid traffic jams, noise and pollution. The trailer can transport loads of up to 150 kilogram. Users can now test the trailer for three hours free of charge. A fee of EUR 5 is payable for every additional hour.

Last mile difficulties

IKEA’s furniture markets are usually on the outskirts of cities and have ample parking space. However, the case differs in Altona where the situation is similar to the last mile i.e. the last section of a delivery chain, e.g. from a post van to the front door. Large pieces of furniture are difficult to transport to the door of a home. Nüwiel is now coming up with electric mobility solutions for urban areas beginning with the electricity-run bicycle trailer for last mile logistics. More offers for other companies are expected to follow.

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