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Port of Hamburg With Two New Icebreakers

The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) bought two additional ships for the prevention of ice blockage and protection against flooding

118 metres long and 6 metres wide are the two icebreakers that have been delivered to the Port of Hamburg on 15 September. Named “Christian Nehls” and “Johann Reinke”, the latest additions to the service fleet of the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) were built at the Hitzler shipyard in Lauenburg. The vessels replace the tug boat and icebreaker “Christian Nehls” and “Hafenbau 2”. The two icebreakers are equipped with low-emission drive systems, diesel particulate filters and an energy-saving LED technology.

Use as Tug Boat

“The accessibility of the Port of Hamburg and its terminals must always be ensured. In cold weather, the icebreaker are also necessary for flood protection,”, explains Frank Horch, Hamburg Minister of Economy, Transport, and Innovation, when receiving the two vessels. According to Stephan Albrecht, director of vehicle and equipment operation at the HPA, both tug boats are equipped with high-performance drive systems and thus particularly suitable for ice breaking services. At other times, the vessels will be used as a harbor tug boats for towing and shifting, and for general transport work.

Two More Ships

Icebreakers important for flood protection in Hamburg as they prevent the formation of ice blockage, damming the water and ice. Thus, they not only decrease the pressure of the ice on the dikes, but also ensure undisturbed traffic of ships and ferries. The ship christenings of “Christian Nehls” and “Johann Reinke” will be held in early 2016. Two other ships, i.e. the tug boats “Hugo Lentz” and “John Dalmann”, are currently under construction.

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About the Hamburg Port Authority

Since 2005, the Hamburg Port Authority has been providing future-oriented port management services offering one face to the customer. As an institution under public law, the HPA is in charge of paving the way for the efficient, resource-friendly and sustainable implementation of infrastructure projects in the port. The HPA is the contact point for all kinds of questions concerning the waterside and the land-side infrastructure, the navigational safety of vessel traffic, port railway facilities, port property management and the economic conditions within the port area. The HPA ensures the provision of land as required, carries out all statutory duties placed on it and provides port industry services. It markets port-specific technical knowledge and represents the interests of Hamburg’s Port at a national and international level.

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