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New Fruit Service Comes to Hamburg

The fruit and refrigeration centre of the Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) has acquired an additional weekly call

The first call on 25 January marked the beginning of handling operations at O’Swaldkai for shipping company Maersk’s new service. On board were Colombian bananas and other fruits bound for Europe. With the new service, the HHLA fruit and refrigeration centre is further expanding its position as the most important German handling location for bananas.

Maersk’s Second Service to Call at Hamburg

The new Colombia Express reefer container service is Maersk’s second service to call at Hamburg. It will primarily transport cargo, which the importer, Fyffes, had previously shipped to Europe via Portsmouth and Antwerp using its own services.

Fit to Carry 450 Reefer Containers

The new Maersk service will call at Hamburg in addition to these two ports. The first ship to arrive in Hamburg as part of the Colombia Express service is the “Antwerp Trader”. Just like all the ships that will be used for this service, the “Antwerp Trader” has more than 550 reefer connection points and can therefore easily transport the intended 450 reefer containers in addition to other cargo. The total capacity of each vessel is 2,500 standard containers (TEU). Every week, Maersk sails from the Colombian ports of Turbo and Santa Maria to Portsmouth, Antwerp and Hamburg. In addition to both weekly Maersk ships, the HHLA Frucht- und Kühl-Zentrum will continue to handle the Seatrade service.

Restructuring Bears Fruit

Axel Hoeckrich, Managing Director of the HHLA Frucht- und Kühl-Zentrum, is pleased: “We are delighted that we were able to acquire the new Maersk service for Hamburg. It strengthens the location and shows that the restructuring measures that we have adopted considering the increasing use of containers for temperature-controlled cargo are bearing fruit. We are therefore optimistic about further growth in volumes.”

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