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Die "Hanse" am HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder - © HHM / Dietmar Hasenpusch

New, express inland waterway vessel "Hanse" arrives in Hamburg

Transport on inland waterway vessels to raise output in Port of Hamburg - demand rising

The largest inland waterway vessel that the Elbe Lateral Canal can accommodate is now regularly sailing as an express vessel on a shuttle service between Braunschweig and Hamburg, a press release said Wednesday (June 28). The new MV “Hanse” covers the 179-kilometre route in less than 24 hours. “That is roughly as fast as a truck and what’s more, by comparison with a truck our ship produces much less CO2,” said Heiko Tominski, Sales Manager for Deutsche Binnenreederei (DBR) in Hamburg, for which the MV ‘Hanse’ is operating.

Vessels set to raise output in port

On the Hamburg-Braunschweig section, the vessel stacks boxes in two layers, permitting her to transport a total of 96 standard containers (TEU). That saves an 60 truck runs for every voyage and fuel and CO2 emissions are reduced by two-thirds in comparison to truck transport. The state-of-the-art inland waterway ship consumes innovative GTL (Gas to Liquids) fuel that is especially low-soot. During her first call in Hamburg, the new inland waterway ship cleared at all three terminals run by Hamburger Hafen and Logistik AG (HHLA) in Altenwerder, Tollerort and Burchardkai. If required, she can also serve other terminals. Together with HHLA, the MV “Hanse” discharged 93 containers and loaded 96. Thomas Lütje, HHLA’s Director of Sales & Marketing, commented: “Regular shipments by inland waterway craft boost the capacity of the Port of Hamburg, since they relieve roads and bridges of truck services. In addition, our customers can arrange their transport chain to be more ecological, for the ship now deployed is notable for her brilliant environmental footprint.”

Rising demand for inland waterway vessels

DBR is deploying the environment-friendly express ship on the Hamburg-Braunschweig route in addition to the existing five sailings a week by its push-tows. Tominski commented: “By expanding our transport capacities and sailing frequencies we are reacting to rising demand for container shipment by inland waterway ship.” With the inclusion of the MV “Hanse” in its timetable, DBR now offers between six and seven sailings a week in both directions. Additional ports such as Hanover are also served regularly. “To meet demand we also deploy the MV 'Hanse’ there as a reinforcement.”

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