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Neuer Kommunikationsstandard 5G bewährt sich beim Praxistest im Hamburger Hafen © HPA / Andreas Schmidt-Wiethoff

Test of 5G in port yield interim results

Hamburg Port Authority, Nokia and Deutsche Telekom pleased

Tests of the new 5G broadband network by the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA), Deutsche Telekom and Nokia under live industrial conditions in the Port of Hamburg have yielded interim, but satisfactory results, a press release said (November 2018). Tests began in January 2018 as part of the EU MoNArch project in Hamburg and is scheduled to until 2020. The pilot tests serve as a basis for enhancing the 5G standard.

Network of the future

“The testbed has given us a first impression of the enormous potential that 5G and, in particular, network slicing will offer us,” said Jens Meier, CEO of HPA. “For me, the new standard is the basis for solving challenging tasks in the industry and finally helping digitalisation to make a breakthrough. I am proud that Hamburg and the port are among the first to benefit from this technology.”

Great potential

As the technical basis for the test field, a transmitter was installed at a height of over 150 metres on the Hamburg television tower in January 2018. The aim of the project in the Port of Hamburg was to demonstrate that complex mobile applications, each with different requirements, function reliably in a single network. 5G offers great potential for use in industrial environments, according to HPA, Deutsche Telekom and Nokia’s interim results.

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