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Hamburg's NautilusLog among top 50 start-ups in 2018

Digital logbook for shipping - start-up ranks 18th

The Hamburg-based NautilusLog has ranked 18th in the Top 50 Startups of the Year 2018 chosen by the F.A.Z. online portal Für-Grü The start-ups aims to make shipping easier and safer with its app, which is turning logbooks digital. Last year, NautilusLog secured funding from the Ministry of Economics, Transport and Innovation (BWVI) and the Hamburg Investment and Promotion Bank (IFB).

App includes hazardous substance reports

Other Hamburg-based firms in the ranking include the health start-up in 46th place, Breeze in the penultimate position with its environmental sensor technology and analysis software, and Cargonexx, a digital forwarding company that optimizes capacities in long-distance truck traffic with data intelligence in last place. In March 2018, NautilusLog received funding from the Ministry of Economics, Transport and Innovation (BWVI) to further develop and expand its app by hazardous substance reports. The start-up also qualified for “InnoRampUp” funding from the IFB Innovationsstarter GmbH last summer.

Digitizing the maritime industry

Commenting on digitalisation in the shipping, Otto Klemke, co-founder of NautilusLog told Hamburg News the sector “lags decades behind”. Key data such as a ship’s course are still documented manually. And environmental regulations and competitive pressure mean the effort involved is rising constantly. Hamburg as the “gateway to the world” could play a decisive role in the digitalisation of shipping, Otto added. In January, NautilusLog formed a co-operation with the classification society Korean Register and the service provider HMI. The new partners provide Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) services for the NSC Group in Hamburg. “In December, we successfully completed our business proof and received almost 60 ships from NSC,” said Klemke. The Oldendorff shipping company followed in January with 90 ships.

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