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Logistics remains jobs catalyst for region

Hamburg logistics companies start 2016 well. Around 380,000 employed in metropolitan region. More staff needed

2015 was a good year for logistics and 2016 is likely to be even better. An up-to-date survey by members of the Logistikinititative Hamburg found that 41 per cent of companies wish to invest more than in 2015. Some 47 per cent of firms expect rising employee numbers. About a third of companies in Hamburg seek, for instance, dispatchers, customs specialists and IT managers. Around 380,000 people including 167,000 in Hamburg and the metropolitan region are employed acrosss the sector.

Logistics companies in Hamburg most optimistic nationwide

Logistics firms in Hamburg were noticeably more positive about 2015 than elsewhere in Germany. Some 29 per cent of companies nationwide said the business year was much better. In Hamburg, 54 per cent or double said so. The trend is continuing in 2016. Around 48 per cent of 500 transport and logistics companies surveyed in Hamburg are optimistic about 2016 and expect improved business over 2015. 46 per cent of firms in Hamburg expect business to remain the same. The number of pessimists was about 6 per cent.

More readiness to invest than elsewhere in Germany

44 per cent of transport and logistics companies in Hamburg invested more in 2015 over 2014. Professor Peer Witten, CEO of Logistik-Initiative Hamburg, said: “The good business in 2015 had a positive effect on the readiness of companies to invest.” In 2016, 47 per cent of firms in Hamburg wish to invest the same amount while 41 per cent wish to invest more. Apart from fork-lift trucks and shelves, the key investment fields in 2016 are likely to be in logistics software as the digitalisation of Logistics 4.0 improves efficiency and lowers costs.

Logistics remains jobs motor in Hamburg

The logistics branch was an important jobs motor in 2015 despite stagnating prices and rising costs, according to Hamburg firms. Far more firms noted higher employees numbers than in previous years. 43 per cent of companies in Hamburg hired more personnel and 43 per cent had constant staff numbers. Witten added: “Expectations on employee developments in 2016 confirm that the logistics branch still plays an important role in the labour market.” 47 per cent of firms in Hamburg wish to hire more staff than last year. Nearly 30 per cent of Hamburg logistic companies require, dispatchers, customs specialists and IT managers. A quarter of them needs drivers, clerks or warehouse workers.

About the survey

The figures for the entire German logistics branch are based on monthly surveys in the SCI logistics barometer. The figures for Hamburg were drawn up with the same method used by the Logistik-Initiative Hamburg.

And members say LIHH’s work has again improved. Nearly 90 per cent of those surveyed say the initiative benefits Hamburg. Three thirds say they have regular, direct contact to LIHH.

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