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TWORTY BOX is the winner of the Logistics Future Award

Hamburg startup developed innovative container concept for efficiency in sea cargo

Approximately 20 per cent of all worldwide shipped containers are empty. According to estimates direct handling costs alone are more than 15 billion US dollar per year. Furthermore, carrier’s box fleets have to be much larger than actually needed to satisfy shipper’s demand. This results in containers standing empty or idle in average approx. 60 per cent of the time which consequently causes additional costs in ports and at depots. Moreover, empty boxes void valuable slots onboard vessels. Hence cost effective container management has become the key issue for the profitability of container lines. The solution has been provided by a company now honoured with Hamburg’s prestigious Logistics Future Award granted by Hamburg’s logistics initiative: the Tworty Box by TWORTY BOX GmbH & Co. KG, based in Hamburg close to the port at Mattentwiete.

Coupling Makes Standard ISO Containers More Efficient

n order to reduce the shipments of “containerised air”, the TWORTY BOX has been developed. Its outside resembles any standard 20ft container. However, its inside is unique – with doors at each end, the second set of doors opening to the inside, from where it can only be locked f. This door can be fixed to the container ceiling and with the use of special bonding elements another. Joined up, they create 40ft unit of full value. Thus, TWORTIES can either be used as a 20ft or coupled as a 40ft box:Twenty + Forty = “Tworty”.

With the Future Price Logistics, the Logistics Initiative Hamburg aims to make innovative approaches from the region nationally known and to provide impetus for a future-oriented, sustainable logistics. Moreover, the price promotes co-operation among businesses and with academic partners of the region.

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