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Lighthouse Project for Hamburg's Museum Port Oevelgönne

Since November 1934, it has been securing navigation on the Elbe river with lights reaching far for seven nautical miles. Now, the beacon of Elbe island Pagensand is to become the new landmark of Hamburg's museum port at Oevelgönne

Exactly 80 years after the commissioning of the light station Pagensand-south in November 1934 on an Elbe island bearing the same name, the only eight metre tall lighthouse is to be the landmark of Hamburg’s museum port at Oevelgönne. The rescue of the heritage building has been made possible by a donation of 10,000 gathered from lottery funds of Hamburg’s saving institute Hamburger Sparkasse. Prior to the allocation of funds, the museum harbour already had successfully talks with the administrative bodies responsible for the Elbe river navigation.

Landmark for the museum harbour

The wish to save the old light station is not a new one. For some time, the members of the museum port of Oevelgönne have pursued the acquisition of the light house in the frame of their “Beautiful ships need a nice home” project. The museum port was opened in 1977. “With the acquisition of the historic lighthouse Pagensand South, another beautiful maritime exhibit will be saved from scrapping, and the collection of the museum harbour Oevelgönne richly supplemented,” rejoices Dr Rainer Projektinititator Thönnessen from the museum port association.

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