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Launching ceremony for "Brandirektor Westphal"

Europe’s most modern fire-fighting ship was launched Monday (November 26, 2018) by Eva Maria Tschentscher at Überseebrücke. The “Brandirektor Westphal” is the largest rescue boat at a length of 44 metres, a width of 10 metres and space for up to 32 firefighters in the history of the Hamburg fire brigade. The ship is part of the urban fleet management carried out by Flotte Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG – a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hamburg Port Authority AöR (HPA). “The emergency forces can fight fires in the port quickly and effectively with new fire-fighting ship,” said Eva Maria Tschentscher. “This is important for safety in the Port of Hamburg. I wish the crew all the best for the coming missions”.

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