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Hamburg Improves Transport Accessibility For All

21 stops of Hamburg's underground trains altered in the past four years. 2016 will see eleven stops to improved in accessibilty - as many as never before

With support of the Free and Hanstestadt Hamburg, the Hamburger Hochbahn AG (HOCHBAHN) has been avidly pursuing the barrier-free expansion of its U-Bahn metro network. With the inauguration of U2 / U4 station Rauhes Haus in mid-December, the 19th stop was completed within this expansion programme. Hamburg now boasts the U4 as the city’s first completely barrier-free metro line. In total, 56 barrier-free metro stops are today included in Hamburg’s U-Bahn network.

Expansion Phase Two started with the New Year

While the U1 stops Stephansplatz and Klosterstern are still in the middle of their conversion, phase two of the huge accessibility project started. “21 stops in four years were a tour de force, which required smooth co-operation between HOCHBAHN, HVV, local authorities and districts, and the LSBG and LAG. With the successes of phase I in the back, we enter strengthened the more demanding phase II. At the beginning of the next decade, the entire Hamburg U-Bahn network will be barrier-free. This is an important step to advance inclusion”, said Andreas Rieckhof, Hamburg’s Secretary of State for Economy, Transport and Innovation.

2016: U1 in Focus

In 2016, works will mainly focus on the north-eastern branch of the U1, with HOCHBAHN performing elaborate bridgework between the stops of Volksdorf and Großhansdorf and improving the accessibility of the stops Buchenkamp, ​​Ahrensburg West, Ahrensburg Ost and Schmalenbek. In the course of the conversion, also the stops of Buckhorn and Ohlstedt will be expanded. In addition, the HOCHBAHN 2016 to conclude phase one works at the stops of Stephansplatz and Klosterstern and start the conversion of the three U2 stops of Merkenstraße, Hagendeel and Joachim-Mähl Straße. Ini 2016, even stops will thus be included in the accessibility scheme.

81 Per Cent of the Underground Network To Be Accessible For All By 2018

In 2017, HOCHBAHN will focus accessibility improvements on six inner city sops, ranging from the highly frequented U3 stops of Lübeckerstraße and Hoheluftbrücke to Habichtstraße and Uhlandstraße, and the U1 stops of Langenhorn Nord and Meiendorfer Weg.

In 2018, the expansion of the remaining U1 stops at Lohmühlenstraße, Lübeckerstraße, Ritterstraße, Wandsbeker Chaussee, Straßburger Straße and Alter Teichweg. By the end of the year, 74 stops, or about 81 per cent of Hamburg’s metro network, will then be barrier-free.

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