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Hamburg is hosting the World's Largest Port Conference this week

Until Friday, 5 June, port chefs from all around the world will be discussing issues such as future SmartPORT and Cruise at IAPH 2015

This week, Hamburg will be hosting the IAPH World Ports Conference. Until 5 June, international representatives from business, politics, and science will be discussing changing requirements and alternative courses of action in times of globalisation and climate change. The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) as organiser of the global event will be presenting its “smartPORT” concept. At the five-day conference, guests will thus gain insights on intelligent port management in Hamburg, Europe, and the world.

Smart Port in Focus

In this context, Jens Meier, CEO Hamburg Port Authority, will explain the economic and logistical processes that rendered the Port of Hamburg more efficient and sustainable by an advanced computer-based infrastructure. Michael Pal, principal analyst for logistics at Western Australia’s Fremantle Ports, will demonstrate by “Truck Marshalling Automation and Control Key Performance Indicator” the Australian perspective of intelligent port management. In addition, representatives from Stockholm, Valencia, and the Far East will provide answers to the question of what will make port a smart one.

A Challenge to Port’s Worldwide: the Growing Size of Vessels

To kick off the conference, a discussion on ship size developments will be held, with the panel discussing, inter alia, the challenges faced by ports, terminals and captains in the clearance of mega-carriers. As an introduction to this question, general overviews on the global economic developments will be given by Peter Hinchliffe, Secretary General International Chamber of Shipping, and Dr. Christian Growitsch, Director of the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI).

The Importance of “Wow”

The last day will be devoted to cruise, port law, and air purity in ports. In addition, the IAPH Women’s Forum will meet to address the question “how diversity contributes to smart thinking”. In the cruise session, Douglas Ward, author of the Berlitz Cruise Guide, will give insights into the importance of the “wow effect” when marketing cruise offers. In the port law session, which will be held parallel, legal experts devote from Rotterdam, London and Hamburg will address the question of legal domicile in maritime law. They will also address the question of appropriate insurance policies for ports in case of accidents. Is ship cargo still sufficiently insured today? Who will be held liable in the event of loss or injury in ports?

Attractive Side Events

The conference will be accompanied by attractive side events allowing to get to know the beautiful sides of Hamburg and to network with international colleagues. In the evening, HPA will invite conference participants to enjoy the elegance of historic buildings in the heart of the Hanseatic city. In addition, guests will be able to join excursions and experience the smart port of Hamburg at close and first hand. To discover the conference programme in depth, please click to

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About the Hamburg Port Authority

Since 2005, the Hamburg Port Authority has been responsible for port management, a role previously fulfilled by a number of Hamburg authorities. The range of its activities is just as vast as the Port of Hamburg itself. Both on the water’s surface and underwater, in road and rail systems, HPA are responsible for ensuring the maintenance and development of the port infrastructure throughout the port – from IT-based control of shipping traffic to flood protection and the operation of Germany’s largest port railway.

About the IAPH International Association of Ports and Harbors

On 7 November 1955, some 100 delegates from 38 ports and maritime organisations in 14 countries founded the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) in Los Angeles, U.S.A., to represent the interests of the world’s seaports. The globally active organisation is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, from where it represents more than 200 ports from 90 nations.

Together, its member ports handle around 60 per cent of the world’s seaborne trade and nearly 80 per cent of the world’s container traffic. The IAPH is a non-profit, and non-governmental organisation (NGO). Its declared aim is to promote the co operation among its members and jointly find solutions to global maritime problems. In addition, the organisation continuously passes insights and recommendations to its members thus enabling them to benefit from their peers’ experiences.

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